• Who we are

    Bullseye Solutions and Consulting provides high quality market research and support services to the global MR industry. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, and of course, we provide unparalleled value to clients

  • What we do

    Bullseye Solutions and Consulting provides a full range of Market Research Service to Global Clients. Bullseye Solutions and Consulting offers a wide range of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services both nationally and internationally.

  • Our Global Reach

    Bullseye Solutions and Consulting gives you get right of entry to any objectives you want to attain-everywhere around the world. Our community stretches across numerous countries and spans every geographic place.


Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research is used to measure the issue by method for creating numerical information or information that can be changed into useable insights.

Quantitive Research

Quantitative methods draw attention to objective measurements and the statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis of data collected through poll, questionnaires, and survey.

Online Research

Online Research is the procedure by which organizations utilize the Internet to assemble information to assess how well an item or administration is offering to purchasers.

Healthcare Research

Health & pharmaceutical sectors are dependent on market research for their swifter growth. we have experts, who have been dedicatedly associated with healthcare research & analysis for a considerable period of time. We aim to deliver unbiased and well analyzed research results, ensuring commercial success to our clients from healthcare & pharmaceutical sector.

Survey Development

Bullseye Solutions and Consulting is a highly skillful and knowledgeable online survey programming team which has been servicing clients globally on diverse complicated and multi-lingual survey programming assignments. Review questionnaire and relevant project specification to make sure they are prepared for programming. We ensure programming is examined and delivered with a cent percent correct link (in step with the questionnaire doc).


Bullseye Solutions and Consulting provides comprehensive data collection solutions to meet your market research needs. Through our global network of partners we are a cost effective alternative to full-service research firms. Our network enables us to offer a broad geographic reach and the full breadth of data collection services without the high overhead and reliance on internal resources of a full-service market research firm.



Bullseye Solutions and Consulting’s ongoing success and reputation for matching the right people with each research project is driven by data quality. To meet the changing needs of clients we are continuously refreshing our panel with new members. We actively recruit for our panel using social media, advertising, search marketing, incentivized panel referrals, local community groups, telephone and other snowballing methods.
Our specialists not only make sure flawless translations but also make certain brilliant translations & additionally eager perception into making questions suitable and significant in every country. So you optimize study participation and accuracy. Plus, we know the response patterns typical of every marketplace-which can be in all likelihood to present extra great answers.